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I'm so going to do one of those fandom list things the #ri side of my friends list is doing:

-Final Fantasy XI is the best FF made period. It is the only FF that graces my top RGP list.

-KotOR2 is the best video game RPG ever made. Better then Fallout 2, better then any FF.

-Except for an incredibly small minority (We're talking once every two or three years here), JRPGs have been a wasteland of utter shit since 1999. And every time a JRPG tries something new to bring it to the modern age, most fans hate it. Thus most JRPGs play like they were developed ten years ago.

-Despite my attempts to actually like it, Guitar Hero World Tour is such a bad game compared to even Rock Band that I can't play it. (And I can't play RB1 now that RB2 has come out).

-I think the vast majority of the DLC released for RB is excellent and worth purchasing.

-Rock Band and Rock Band 2 are the only games released for this generation of consoles that could not have been done on previous generations of consoles (Ignoring graphics of course).

-Despite my blatant RB fanboyism, I still think the game could use some improvements to the core gameplay and interface.

-The Wii is an utter piece of shit and so is the DS. I will never buy another Nintendo product again.

-I do not understand why RPG nerds are spergin' over D&D4th. Aside from the fact that you can still play 3.5 (or AD&D, or even blue box), 4th does nothing but create a completely accessible RPG for every kind of player. The argument that the rule system is horrid seems invalidated since RPG fans have been forever changing the rule system in favor of house rules. Yet people are acting like the 4th edition ruleset is set in stone and you can't change a thing.

-PvP is a great comic and Kurtz is a wonderful cartoonist who has done a ton for the webcomics community.

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Date: 2009-02-22 08:33 am (UTC)
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*cuddle abadee(her NDS)* i <3 my DS and our love is like whoa!

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Date: 2009-02-23 04:01 pm (UTC)
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-Final Fantasy XI is the best FF made period. It is the only FF that graces my top RGP list.

It must do something right... no other game has been able to draw me back to such levels of addiction after four years of pretty much totally ignoring it.


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