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So AC 2009 has came and went. Much fun was had by all. Money was spent, good food and drink were had.

We flew in Wednesday to give ourselves a day to relax and sleep so we would be ready for the con. This proved to be a great idea as we were ready to kick ass by the next day.

I commissioned a few pieces this year. The first was a lovely con badge by Featherdust Studios, and the next day I received this lovely piece:

AC 2009 conbadge small 001

As for my sketch book, after a couple of years with variable results, I decided to come up with a theme to help spur the artist's imagination. Since I'm in the middle of my sixth re-subscription to FFXI I decided to get my fursona done up in all the FFXI artifact armor. My first pick was an artist named Tiberius, who caught my eye with her art featuring lots of detailed clothing. She wasn't familiar with the game but a quick google search later and she decided to do Dark Knight:

AC 2009 sketch book 001

I was simply amazed by what I got. This is one of my favorite commissioned pieces ever.

I had time to get another sketch, so browsing artists ally I noticed someone was doing FFXI Con badges. Wind Dragon and I talked a bit about what I wanted. He loved my idea and got to work.

A few hours later I received this text from him:

... do you like wearing skirts...?? I don't know anything about you so I am asking. ffxi mithra have cute outfits but I can do a guy outfit.

I should make a note about how I perceive commissions. A lot of furries tend to demand way too much from the artists they're commissioning by making sure they get small, minute detail right and some flail with rage if they get something that isn't exactly 100% what they wanted. I'm the exact opposite. I give the artists a few loose guidelines with my character and let them do the rest. I'm looking for an artistic interpretation of my character, not an exact drawing. Some artists are freaked out by this relaxed attitude, thinking that I'm going to come back when the piece is finished and tear into them because they didn't draw a detail I forgot to mention. Usually when finished I get compliments about how easy I was to work with.

So when an artist wants to draw my character in a skirt, I let them.

AC 2009 sketch book 002

That's scholar Artifact Armor. I love this drawing and it's the exact sort of thing I look for when I hand an artist my sketch book.

After art, it was food time. Some old classics were a little disappointing this year, while new discoveries absolutely made the trip. If you went to Anthrocon this year and did not eat at Kaya this year, shame on you. Kaya has amazing food, fresh ingredients, and prices that won't break the bank but will get you more then what you pay for. Excellent cocktails, wonderful food, and a bread pudding that is out of this world.

On the fourth I climbed up to the roof of the convention center to watch the fireworks with a ton of furries. Great fun was had by all and the city put on an excellent show.

Procyon also dragged us out on a few touristy things this year. We took the Monogahela Incline up and walked around to get an amazing view of the city.

Overall I had a great time at AC. I feel revitalized again and am working to channel this energy into many positive things as possible.
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