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My Macbook, which I never fully christened with a name, is officially dead. The battery no longer holds a charge at all, and the backlight is doing some major flickering and will probably die soon. I bought the computer as a refurb from apple a few years ago, and though it never quite worked the way I wanted it to, it was useful at times and I'll miss it. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet. I can remove the monitor and buy a display port adapter with a KVM switch and have a pseudo OSX desktop to switch to, but the computer was never all that fast to begin with and it'd probably just be easier to build a hackentosh.

This is a real shame though because I just discovered Things, an incredibly easy and powerful task organizer that's only for mac. Putting the mac on life support just to get it to run so I can try it out has shown me how useful it would be in my life, but not having it on my main computer kills it's usefulness.

AC always gives me tons of energy I feel I need to channel. I'm going a million miles per minute in all sorts of directions, and if I don't channel that energy into a few tasks it will all disappear and be wasted. I feel the urge to pick up the pencil again and commit horrible atrocities on paper. I feel the urge to pick through the fur in my closet and maybe do something with it. I feel the urge to empty my bank account into the first fursuit maker who has a slot open in time for Rainfurest.

If I can organize myself and get a little bit accomplished at a time, perhaps I can stretch this energy out as long as possible. I hope so. I'm back at work again tomorrow and nothing drains me faster then twelve hour days of intensely hard kitchen work. I love the experience I'm receiving at the Woodland Park Zoo. But it's physically and emotionally draining and I'd hate to see all of this post con energy go to waste there.

With that in mind, I have a few goals to accomplish over the next month.

-Loose more weight. I started the year at 175, went to AC at 150, and now I'm back up around 158. I'd like to get down to 140 by the end of the month and stay there. That means at some point I'm going to have to do stomach crunches every day to get rid of this gut I have hanging off me.

-Start sketching again. I'm horrible at art but I want to learn at least the basics so I can at least put some visual thoughts down on paper.

-Commission a full character sheet for my fursona and start poking around at fursuit makers for quotes.

-Be more social. I've lived in Seattle for four years now and the only friends I have out here are Mono's old friends, my neighbor and Aqui from FFO. All of which I don't see enough of as it is. I've been a shut in and I need to get out and do more.

-Stay off the internet for long periods of time. I dawdle too much.

If I can accomplish these simple tasks it will be enough.


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